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Acne Scars Treatment

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Our technologies offer a unique skin treatment for acne scars with controlled skin ablation and resurfacing.


As part of the natural wound healing process, the body creates fibrous tissue that covers the wound, i.e. scars. The scar tissue is made up of the same collagen as the tissue that it replaces, but with a protein composition that is different. In normal tissue the collagen appears in a random basket-weave formation, whereas post-injury it cross-links, forming a pronounced alignment in a single direction.


Our acne scars treatment technologies – Voluderm, and RFF Resurfacing Machine (TriFractional) – have been clinically proven and are safe, effective and convenient procedures, resulting in a significant reduction in scar appearance.  


TriFractional is a fractional RF technology that ablates epidermic spots of pinpoint-size, penetrating 0.2 mm deep.

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