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Can we treat over tattoos?

You can treat over tattoos. RF and DMA are ‘color blind” energies. We have heard of rare cases of tattoos with metal splinters which remain from the tattoo needles. If you encounter this, it is advised to treat with caution, according to the patient’s sensitivity.

Are the treatments safe?

Treatments are safe when conducted according to the guidelines. The energy levels used during the treatments were tested and validated to be safe and effective with no significant risk of injury or damage to the skin.

Does it hurt?

No. Pollogen’s fractional technology utilizes smart penetration mechanism that ensures minimal pain. The electrodes emit RF energy before they penetrate the skin and therefore gently penetrate the tissue instead of mechanical penetration. In most cases, anaesthesia is not required.
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A unique serial number is etched into each Tripollar device. Serial numbers play a crucial role in demonstrating both authenticity and ownership

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We’re in the media

Every day we have the opportunity to learn new things; here you can get to know our latest innovations, hear about new treatments and products, and just some interesting stuff about the world of aesthetics.

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like 'Photoshop for your face'
by CHEYENNE MACDONALD | 16.10.2018 | Dailymail

like 'Photoshop for your face'

Israeli beauty-tech firm Pollogen has launched a sleek new device that can give you a ‘super-facial’ in less than 10 minutes.

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Skin Resurfacing Made Easy RF-First Fractional Technologies That Minimise Discomfort and Maximise Results
by Pollogen | 27.08.2018 | PRIME magazine

Skin Resurfacing Made Easy RF-First Fractional Technologies That Minimise Discomfort and Maximise Results

Introducing the new Divine Pro platform from Lumenis, for effective facial rejuvenation in a compact, desktop design A wide variety

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Stop V by Pollogen – The Ultimate Solution for Facial Lifting, Firming and Toning
by Pollogen | 03.05.2018 | PRweb

Stop V by Pollogen – The Ultimate Solution for Facial Lifting, Firming and Toning

Pollogen launches a new device includes TriPollar® technology that offers long-lasting visible results at the comfort of your home

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We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to create the most advanced, effective medical devices and solutions for the aesthetic market. We believe in thinking differently.


V&V Engineer student position

We see the R&D department as responsible for leading the knowledge center & growth engine of pollogen. With delivering high-end, top-quality products to our customers worldwide. You will have the opportunity to affect the quality of the product.

V&V Engineer

We are looking for a V&V Engineer to Join Us

Brand Manager

WE are looking for: A Brand Manager to join our marketing TEAM

RA Expert

Collaborate with the RA team in Israel to develop regulatory strategies for WW Region.

Finance Business Analyst

WE are looking for: Business partner – senior financial and strategic planning professional We see the Finance department as a strategic enabler and a driving force of major cross-organizational projects and activities. The department supports the senior management in key decision-making processes and dilemmas and is responsible, among others, for the financial planning and management of the entire company

Document Controller

WE are looking for: Engineering support in NPI processes, design transfer and serial production, and addressing operations technical needs and problems.

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Pollogen is an innovative, creative company that is responsive to the dynamic needs of the aesthetic treatment market. The company’s customer-centric approach places high value on long-term relationships, providing the highest levels of support and service for customer satisfaction Dedicated to solving problems before they arise, Pollogen invests in the technologies, communication and service systems that ensure you get the most from your TriPollar investment. Customer Service is an integral component of our entire organization and product specialists are focused on resolving any problem, anywhere in the world.