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Geneo Oxypods combine ground breaking-concepts in biology, chemistry and technology within one little capsule. The active ingredients are stored in their suspended state, activated only in reaction with the unique Geneo Primer Gel.


Using the OxyPod with Geneo device and Primer Gel achieves 3 benefits that Oxygeneo offers: exfoliation, oxygenation and nourishment. These already ensure immediately visible results that are then further enhanced by the Geneo Serum, a complementary part of the Geneo treatment kit. This serum is uniquely formulated to complete the benefits achieved with the OxyPod by providing nutrition to the skin via a synergistic combination of active ingredients

Technology and products

Geneo oxypods

Geneo treatment kits are offered in 3 variations: Geneo Balance Charcoal facial for purifying and balancing oily skin and improving its texture and appearance, Geneo Revive Red Algae facial for the revitalization of dull skin and reduction of fine lines, and Geneo Illuminate Vitamin C facial for unifying skin tone, improving pigmentation and for skin rejuvenation.
The Oxygeneo treatment kits offer the benefits of each ingredient, carefully selected for the formulations, like Bamboo charcoal, Red Algae, Vitamin C, Aragan and Jojoba oils, Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Peptides, as well as the combined effect of the ingredients in both the OxyPod and the Serum, which together create and powerful effect, dedicated to specific skin types and needs.

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Geneo oxypods

Geneo oxypods

indications for treatment

Geneo Balance <br/> Charcoal Facial™

Geneo Balance
Charcoal Facial™

Geneo Balance Charcoal Facial treatment for oily skin purifies and soothes oily skin, improving its texture and appearance.
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Geneo Revive <br/> Red Algae Facial

Geneo Revive
Red Algae Facial

Geneo Revive Red Algae Facial treatment for signs of aging refreshes dull skin, reduces fine lines and improves overall skin texture and appearance
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Geneo Illuminate <br/> Vitamin C Facial

Geneo Illuminate
Vitamin C Facial

Geneo Illuminate Vitamin C Facial treatment for skin brightening unifies skin tone, improves pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin
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