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by Braden McKnight BS, Rachel Tobin BS, Yasmeen Kabir MD, and Ronald Moy MD | Journal of Drugs in Dermatology | 01.12.2015

Tripollar Intelligent Biology

BACKGROUND: Non-ablative treatments for excess subcutaneous fat have been increasingly integrated into dermatologic practice. Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the safety and efficacy of a tripolar radiofrequency (rf) skin tightening device and reducing the circumference of the upper arms.
METHODS & MATERIALS: Twelve females received eight weekly non-ablative treatments using a tripolar radiofrequency device on the anterior and posterior upper arms. Evaluations included body weight, photographs, and circumference measurements at baseline and each subsequent week throughout the 8-week time period. The subjects and the investigator completed evaluations of clinical improvement using a 5-point assessment scale.
RESULTS: A significant circumference reduction was achieved in each arm of all twelve patients. A mean reduction of 1.99 ± 0.94 cm (P=0.001) was observed between the initial and final measurements after the 8-week treatment period. At the 4-week follow up, the average circumferential reductions of the posterior and anterior upper arm skin tightening were sustained. Patient evaluations indicated moderate to good improvement of size, tightness, and overall appearance. The procedure was well tolerated without pain.
CONCLUSION: Tripolar radiofrequency devices offer a safe and effective non-invasive technology with beneficial effects on the circumferential reduction and overall appearance of the posterior and anterior upper arms. Read More >>