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geneO+ A Novel Platform for Skin Revitalization Based on UniqueOxyGeneo Technology

by Alex Levenberg, M.D. | Uri Shpolansky, Ph.D. | Physicians Center, Plastic Surgery Dept., Tel Aviv | 01.10.2013

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Abstract: Aesthetic skin treatments are a common practice among women and men throughout the globe, crossing borders of culture and socio-economic status. Facials and skin treatments  on various body areas have been popular throughout the ages and documented as early as ancient Egypt and Greece. A variety of treatments are currently available for exfoliation and infusion of skin enhancement products and there is a growing demand for skin oxygenation treatments. The innovative geneO+ Skin Care Platform enables a variety of skin treatments for a wide range of skin characteristics. OxyGeneo treatment, provided by the geneO+ platform enables a unique sophisticated skin enhancement, utilizing the body’s natural mechanism for skin oxygenation from within. Skin oxygenation combined with light exfoliation and infusion of essential activeingredients, optimizes the effect of the treatment improving the overall feel and appearance of the skin. Read More >>